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1Are the results for all water capacities?No Category
2Can you upgrade pure water machines?No Category
3How do I decide which capacity machine is best for my business?No Category
4How do I know what payload to ask my van supplier for?No Category
5How efficient is the WFP process? Will it clean off Bird mess?No Category
6How long does resin last before I have to change it?No Category
7I’ve heard I can get electrocuted whilst using my pole, is this true?No Category
8Is Hot water the best for cleaning?No Category
9Is pure water good for initial/ builders cleans?No Category
10Should I only buy a crash tested machine?No Category
11There are several different types of pole on the market which one do I choose?No Category
12What is a Water Fed Pole?No Category
13What is the ideal reading for my TDS meter?No Category
14What makes some machines leak?No Category
15Why can’t I use normal tap water in my machine?No Category